Flutter and Fuchsia

In case you haven't heard, Fuchsia is a new OS google is working on and Flutter supposedly will be the primary sdk used to develop apps against their new OS

Google has open sourced their cross platform SDK Flutter which is intended to be the main way developers create apps for Google's Fuchsia OS. You will also be able to develop for iOS and Android if you use Flutter. You can find the source code and project here, https://github.com/flutter/. Flutter apparently uses Skia for rendering graphics and Dart as a VM for object-oriented language. https://skia.org/dev/flutter.

It's a bit interesting to see Google push Flutter as they have dealt with cross platform problems in the past and have tried to make their own solutions for those issues. In case you did not know, Fuchsia is Google's new OS which no one seems to know much about except maybe Google is trying to write a new OS to target devices of all sizes as Android was their first attempt and maybe this is their new attempt after lessons learned. You can find screenshots of their new OS but this will all likely change in the future as both are still in early stages and Google has yet to publicly release Fuchsia or comment on their plans for it.

It makes sense if you think about it. Google lost a lawsuit case against Oracle for their Java VM tinkering for their android development and they had to pay royalties to Microsoft for android as well. So now Google is not even relying on the Linux kernel and making their own kernel, Zirchon. On top of Zirchon is Fuchsia which looks like it will have a lot of exciting features. One of the most exciting features I want to see take place is the ledger feature. It sounds like Google is starting to figure life out and this new operating system will most likely blow up. Go do more research if you want but I think it has a lot of potential.

I don't know if anyone else is excited but I am.
I think the potential of both is there.


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