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Best PC Games To Play June 2018

I think there are some really interesting games out right now in 2018. Some of my favorite games right now consist of the following Dauntless, Fortnite, PUBG, Rocket League, and Total Warhammer Vermintide 2.

If you are interested in a quick monster hunter game that only takes about 10-25 minutes per game, Dauntless is a great choice. It's free and has great graphics. It's built with the Unreal Engine and I think it runs great. Go check it out and you'll see how well it runs. It's essentially a 4 person co-op online player game where you and 3 others land on an island and hunt the monster that is on that island. You get to pick random monsters to hunt or even specific monsters. It's beautiful in the sense that you can choose to play this game simply or you can get very complex with the game on how to dodge, elemental aspects of the game later on where some weapons work better or worse on the monster. I think it will do great as a game in the future but it n…

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